Online Project Diary

sfirion.journal Server

With sfirion.journal Server you get a central unit for the electronic documentation of your projects. Create your reports via browser or app and evaluate the reported data in a structured way.
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sfirion.journal App

The sfirion.journal App for iOS and Android is your mobile construction diary. It is available in addition to our sfirion.journal Server. All information will be subsequently synchronized in a single database wich forms a solid bases for reliable evaluations.
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Organisations and Communications Plattform

With sfirion works you receive a platform for organisation, communication and information in your company. It includes features like time recording, knowledge management, messenger, tasks and file repository. This platform can be used by any browser or by the corresponding app for Android and iOS.
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4D Scheduling


With our Add-In for MS Project you combine scheduling with BIM. Open IFC models and edit or create valid schedules for your project.
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sfirion.suite for Windows Desktop

Only available with project controlling.

Document Management

With sfirion archiv, you are able to efficiently organize your project documentation electronically while minimizing paperwork. Documents are easily created, logically stored and quickly found. You maintain a clear overview of design drawing progress, reports and all other important project documents.

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Financing and Cost Control

With sfirion budget, you always have your project costs under control. You can analyze running costs, compare costs to buget as any desired date, and predict the timing of cash outflow and cost to completion.

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Project Diary

With sfirion journal, you can quickly document the day's events at the construction site. Based on the contract schedule and deadlines as well as actual project data, it generates well structured, precise and validated daily reports.

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5D+ Visualization

sfirion vision links your 3D model with project management data from the sfirion suite tools: archiv, budget and journal. Schedule conflicts are highlighted through visualization. Solutions can be found faster and easier.

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Control and Monitor

With sfirion cockpit, you can evaluate the data from the sfirion tools: archiv, budget and journal. This versatile analysis tool enables yout to precisely manage and control your project timing and cost. It also helps you to identify deviations from planned progress on the fly, enabling you to take effective corrective measures earlier.

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