5D+ Visualization

The visual comparison of target-actual construction processes facilitates the understanding of difficult-to-understand construction processes and provides a better detection of spatial and temporal dependencies. As a result, the project is clear and understandable for all who ar involved.

You can link your 3D design with project management data by help of sfirion vision tool. Consequently, a 5D model is created that contains not only the geometric data (3D), but also more structural elements with regard to time schedule (4D) and cost perspective (5D).

By a right click on a construction element, the following critical information for controlling can be displayed:

Different analysis views also make it possible to shift the focus to specific factors, such as time or cost overruns. Deviations from construction target and problems are immediately identified by coloring. Causes and consequences of the construction process disturbances are early visible and therefore it ist possible to take early targeted control measures.

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